Free Spanish Seminar: Healthy Hormones at Any Age

Thursday May 22, 2014
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Mother’s Market and Kitchen 4
Santa Ana

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JuicingJuicing: The Secret to Anti-Aging, Longevity, Vitality & Weight Loss

New book by Dr Linda Marquez Goodine, D.C.

Learn the secrets of juicing and why movie stars, athletes and models use it to look and feel great! Available HERE at Amazon.com, or buy direct below:

Juicing Radio

glass of fresh carrot juiceEpisode One:
Dr. Linda Shares Why Juicing Is Becoming Popular & How To Get started.


woman holding glass of tomato juiceEpisode Two:
Dr. Linda Shares How To Start Juicing & What Juice Fasting Can Do As Her Guest Corrine K Shares How A 12 Day Juice Fast Helped Her Chronic Condition, Fatigue & Bonus of Shedding 10 Pounds


Beetroot juiceEpisode Three:
Dr. Linda Shares The Benefits of Juicing vs. Blending, How Juicing May Be Able To Take Years Off Your Face and Inches Off Your Waistline.


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